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                          A. Hypercube Loudspeakers
hypercube     Video Tour (acoustic guitar)     
    In which is information
    related to me and to utility
    patent 4,231,446.

     B. Gaming Wizard101
     Pets (Acoustic guitar)
     In which will be seen sprites,
     myth sprites, midnight sprites,
     and a dragon, among other stuff.

        Matthew levelling with dark sprites
        These cute-and-deadly femmes fatale
        were giggling at me again and I was,
        like, *snap* and I started hunting them.
        They have only 135 health. 2 serious hits
        even from a newly-minted lowbie = gone.

     Matthew(Level 4) gets his Myth Sprite
     Victory AND the Myth Sprite at end.
      My new avatar is Matthew.
      He is now at level 5

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